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Exigibles únicamente en caso de compra

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He is actually AICAT (Real Estate Agent of Catalonia – AICAT Nº 4056) and is associated with the Tarragone API College (Agent of real estate property) (APAI-Nº 105)


How many times did you have to face to the Spanish language barrier ? How many times did you ask yourself “what is the price I can negotiate for this property purchase in Spain ?

Don’t ask you these questions anymore and let us help you.
Our real estate is different of the other real estates for some reasons.
To begin, we are part of the few real estates which can offer you properties for sale in the entire Mediterranean Spanish coast.
You don’t need to contact several real estates in different regions of Spain. You don’t need to find anymore an English correspondent to buy the property of your dreams.
Our Spanish staff is selected with attention and is able to help you. It’s recognizing specially in Catalonia in the official listing of real estates of Catalonia. So it can work legally.
If you are looking for a real estate in Catalonia, which give you all the guarantees, you have to verify in this official listing of real estates of Catalonia.
Don’t waste your time to find another real estate. We have all the professional staff that has a long experience in the Spanish housing market.
We work to satisfy all you requirements.
We negotiate the best price for you.


We work with « property search mandate » It means that we prospect for you and not for the owner.
We only charge the fee in case of property purchase. You only pay when our mission is complete and we found the property you are looking for.
Our fee includes our help and advices to find your property. You can take advantage of our knowledge of more than 15 years about the Spanish market and our experience like real estate negotiator.
Our fee also includes all the information we will share, the investigation to find your housing, all the visits we will do, the assistance and management of all the administrative and legal paperwork (open a bank account, obtaining NIE etc…), the organization of the signature of the authentic deed at the notary, the change of the water or electricity contract holder etc..
If you need it, we can put you in contact with an English lawyer.
Our fee is counterbalance for the amount saving of the negotiation of the price, and also by the gain of time that we gave you and the costs of travel that we save to you.
We can also offer you another kind of service, if you already visited housing with another real estate or directly with an owner.
Indeed, our staff in Spain offer you the possibility to help you during all the administrative paper work (NIE number, open an bank account etc…), to verify in the public administrations and in the property register that the housing doesn’t have any debt, fiscal charges or community charges not paid, to organize the signature of the authentic deed at the notary and to be an official translator at the moment of the signature.


In case of a purchase without Grupo Elimari for the following management procedures:

- Change of electricity (Fecsa – Endesa – Naturgy or others) or change of water (Aigües Cataluña – Sorea or others) 50 € / hour + VAT.
- Get the NIE:
1 person 200 € + VAT + notarial certificate.
Couple 300 € + VAT + notarial certificate.
Legalisation of a construction.
- 1500 € + VAT + notarial fees + register + 1,5 % value of the construction (Cataluña).
If you buy one of our housing, our fee is:
- 5 % (excluding VAT) of the price of the purchase but minimum 5.000 € VAT of 21 % include. Our fee is only paid when all the process is finish and must be paid at the moment of the signature of the purchase, at the notary.


- In the case you find housing yourself or with another real estate, we offer you our services and the option to negotiate the price for you.
- Without the option of the negotiation of the price of the housing.
- 0,50 % (excluding VAT) of the price of the housing but a minimum of 1.500 € VAT include + costs of travel.
- With the option of negotiation of the price, the fee is :
0,50 % (excluding VAT) of the price of the housing but a minimum of 1.500 € VAT include + costs of travel.
15 % fee of the economy made on the initial sale price.

If the sale price is 100.000 € and we can lower it of 2.000 €, the 15 % additional fee will be calculated about the 2.000 €, means 300 € additional. Real benefit for the buyer 2.000 € - 300 € = 1.700 €.
Fee for our real estate : 1.500 € (include all taxes) + 300 € (include all taxes) = 1.800 € (include all taxes).
Do not hesitate to trust professionals of the Spanish market.
You can contact us without any obligations to have more information. We will get back to you as soon as we can.